Cork Woven Moose Hide Moccasins

Cork Woven Moose Hide Moccasins


Handmade by Artist JAMIE GENTRY

"My inspiration for the woven Mocs comes from my roots. My people wove cedar bark into hats, baskets, mats, clothing etc.. and I wanted to bring an element of West Coast tradition into my moccasin making.  I choose thick, heavy hides that are supple, for comfort and durability. I have had my moccasins described as 'pillows for the feet'.  

These unique, tanned moose hides are locally-sourced from a couple in Quebec who hunt moose annually to feed their families.  The hides are ethically and sustainably harvested each winter until they are ready to be tanned in the spring.  Our partnership ensures that all of the animal is honored and respected and none of it goes to waste."  

Unisex design, sizing is approximate.

Size: Women's 10 / Men's 8

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