Silk Scarf "Meadowlark's Gift"

Silk Scarf "Meadowlark's Gift"

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Meadowlark’s Gift Scarf

A BYELLOWTAIL collaboration with fine Artist Alaina Buffalo Spirit

The buoyant melody of a singing Meadowlark can brighten anyone’s day.    "Meadowlark's Gift” captures the story of a special ceremony for artist Alaina Buffalo Spirit when she was a child.  Her grandmother, Annie Medicine Bull’s twins daughters cooked the gift of a Meadowlark and fed it to her with many wishes for her to be well-educated and well-spoken.  This design carries immense love and blessings and inspires to uplift those who wear it.

measurements: 36"W x 40" L

  • hand rolled hem
  • 100% silk - 5mm
  • light weight, sheer, airy
  • Made in the USA

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