Northern Cheyenne - SoTaa-eeo


“I come from the Medicine Bull family of southeastern Montana, raised along the beautiful Tongue River in Cheyenne country.  I am inspired by my mother Ellen Medicine Bull, grandmother, Annie Medicine Bull and a favorite auntie, Katie Medicine Bull as they shared unconditional love to me as I was growing up. 


I started painting and creating art in 2004 after losing my only son.  He left me two beautiful grandchildren ages 9 & 10.  They and the art pulled me through my deepest grief.  I have been creating works of art to honor the women in my life, and to honor the men in our lives through symbols such as horses.  


I want to inspire a change or a shift in thinking for the younger generation to take an honest look at their tribal customs, and to be proud of who they really are.  I use traditional Cheyenne designs so that I can pass on a legacy of hope, beauty, and endless possibilities."